What a beautiful planet we have!  

We all know that we humans are greatly affecting our environment
and the vast majority of us want to stop the damage being done.


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Change needed now!  Should have started yesterday... so now is a good time! 

It is time to promote the news and help people learn more about our most important issues... and we need your help to do it!

We are media publishers and as we advocate for the protection of our environment, we are always working to build strong distribution...

We provide information... data for change!

Measuring and optimizing for insights...

Working to synthesize truths around present scientific and emotive values, hatching the future to move us all forward together!

We create IMPACT!

It is time for us all to be involved!  While many  have been standing on the sidelines, our planet environment has continued to spiral downward, therefore, it is now imperative for many of us to coordinate and act!

 We collect and distribute news and useful information regarding our planet's many environmental issues and the positive solution opportunities that will help ensure our future! 

Are we all, collectively, missing the importance of taking action?  Are we, collectively, missing the point... that the planet is experiencing a serious environmental deficit?  

Will you take part of helping us to illuminate others about the many environmental issues that need our attention?  

Will you?

Planet Agenda Media is looking for qualified independent distribution personnel.

What qualifies a person?  An awareness of the seriousness of the environmental situation and a desire to participate in doing something about them.  That is most of us... because most everyone realizes that the planet is nearing serious implications to our problems!

If you're ready to take your love of life to a better place, realize that this is your opportunity to participate in promoting a better future while you enjoy the courage, virtue and excitement found in living a successful, effective and profitable life!

Let's work together as a team!

We endeavor to add real value to our lives...


Mark Twain said it so well...

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do, than by the ones you did do.
So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor.
Catch the tradewinds in your sails.
Explore. Dream. Discover." 

Planet Agenda's Vision
Gather and distribute important environmental media examining our continuing human effect on the planet and it's people, using the news to raise consciousness and influence the actual social change needed to be responsible stewards of our planet. 

Build an effective for-profit media independent distribution organization dedicated to widening the discussion, thereby creating and developing consensus leading to change, while operating as a media business providing realistic opportunities for our media distributors.

Now let's talk seriously!

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Our Planetary Condition

The BP incident galvanized our attention for a while.  The Fukushima disaster is still unraveling, and the GMO challenge of the unknown effects on our bodies and the entire biosphere are still threatening!  But still, most people miss the wide scope of our situations, due to the lack of in-depth information in the corporate media, often missing out on the important news of the many issues needing attention. 

Planet Agenda is looking for the people who care about this planet and are willing to take action to help us all!

The situation is intensifying, from as far away as the withering ice fields of the northern latitudes, to dramatically changing local weather and animal scenarios, to the demise of many species of whales just looking for life in the ocean lungs of the planet, producing an overall synergistic effect that is bio-accumulating, whether or not has really even noticed!  Past "inconveniences" are now becoming evolving problems and solutions.

While it is now too late for some of our older and simpler opportunities to effect change, (having lost their ability in what is now becoming a tidal wave of change...),  new opportunities are continually born out of this chaos, and it is time to pay more attention and "grasp" the situations we find facing us!

It is time for people to know what is happening!  Too many on the planet think we're still pretty much OK yet real science tells us that the earth we have taken for granted is deteriorating around us at an alarming and increasingly accelerated pace. We've allowed ourselves to be cajoled, sometimes fooled and often misled by the actual perpetuators of the problems.  We've had the recent administrations of the most powerful nation on earth not only refusing to acknowledge situations, but actually degrading or removing what protections we had provided in our efforts to protect all of us.  Arrogance, greed and hostility have been the hallmarks of their passions!

As a global society, it is becoming apparent for a rapidly growing number of us that we've waited long enough! Thousands of species have disappeared, the ocean is being likened to an underwater desert and there are increasing signs that now surprise scientists with the acceleration of our demise.

It is very serious!

With the availability of factual reports and the measured scientific assessment of our current realities brought to the attention of the general public through news and inspiring stories of true experiences, motivation of our will to survive will occur. We need to turn off the survival channel on our flat screen surround sound television systems and engage our minds with the realization of what we must actively do, (acting out our own actual survival reality show!) We must raise awareness and create a mass consensus, realizing just how many of us must be involved as leaders, and what we must do to lead us out of the morass.  

Working together, we will learn what it is that we aren't doing, answering the questions that provide the impetus to stop the social charades and learn how we can consciously take action in a consistent manner. We must thoroughly assess and take responsibility for whom and what we have become, realize what is the status of our current physical world, and define facets of our world that require immediate steps to protect. 

Just about everyone is aware that there are problems with the environment, but we need the methodology to come together and address these issues?

Planet Agenda has developed the needed tools to bring about that change!

We need your help to show everyone know how we can help ourselves...

We have formatted the media tools we need to help us protect the planet now and we need to get the word out through media distributors like you!

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Please Help Protect Our Planet!

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